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Enhance your investigations and security strategy with geospatial intelligence

Customized geospatial intelligence for Investigative and Security teams

AKTEK iQ Areas utilizes the latest technology to analyze smartphone geospatial data in a way that complies with privacy standards. This allows us to provide valuable insights on population movements, unusual activities, and other relevant information.

Designed for investigative and security teams, AKTEK iQ Areas provides customized intelligence on areas of interest. This approach aids in maximizing resources and directing investigation and security measures toward better outcomes.


Whether you're focused on asset protection, surveillance, or other investigative needs, AKTEK iQ Areas offers a comprehensive suite of capabilities to optimize your operations and enhance your security strategy.
Bespoke Search
Define precise areas of interest with customized alert triggers tailored to your investigation requirements.
Historical Data Access
Revisit events up to 36 months into the past to revive dormant files and connect the dots with present-day cases.
Easy Collaboration
Securely share and collaborate on analytical dashboards to move investigations forward, involving all internal and external stakeholders.
Actionable Insights
Analyze suspicious activity in detail on interactive dashboards for geospatial (heatmap) and geo-temporal (pathway) analysis and take action.
Advanced Quality Assurance
Filter through the noise with advanced algorithms to assure data integrity and combine search areas, time frames, countries, and more to refine results.
Automatic Monitoring
Set up automatic monitors to facilitate ongoing remote monitoring of problematic locations, ensuring constant oversight and responsiveness.

18B Signals per day
1.6B Devices per month
217 Countries & Territories
24/7 Monitoring
3yrs Historical Data
5m Location precision
15+ Quality Assuring Algorithms


Seamlessly manage and visualize all AKTEK iQ Areas data through AKTEK iO, our comprehensive data management software.

Consolidate investigative data from various sources in one centralized platform to enhance collaboration and decision-making across your security and loss prevention teams.

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Unlock Actionable Insights with AKTEK iQ Areas

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