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AKTEK is a unique place to work on challenging yourself in different scenarios, learning about the latest technologies and their state of the art, or potential future applications to real-world issues that matter for generations. Our service offerings and company are constantly growing, adapting to a changing world, and improving based on real-world feedback. We want people to join us for the ride and do the same with us.

Read on if you want to grow professionally and personally for your work, time, and energy to contribute to a better and more secure world.


We Are Global!

As a global, multicultural, and multidisciplinary remote-first team, we are immensely proud of our people's diversity and ability to find talent and potential wherever it lives and grow this potential into something special.
Barcelona city view

Addressing global and complex issues

Not only is our team innovating on the technology front and revolutionizing best practices across industries with new ideas, but we are also humbled and proud to support real people and organizations in the front of some of the most complex issues of our time, from border security, ceasefire monitoring, counter-piracy, counter-terrorism, illicit financial flows, sustainability management, corporate social responsibility, and more.


We are builders

Every day brings new and fun challenges, and AKTEK will give you the space to work on our product’s different functionalities and technologies, both current and future. No two days are ever the same while working with us. We are responsive, adaptive, and proactive, as are the people and organizations we serve in all four corners of the globe.


Working at AKTEK

"AKTEK allows its employees to grow and develop their skills, especially those in which they feel that they generate more value. All the team members contribute to AKTEK's growth, and their opinion is always considered. Without a doubt, the best thing about AKTEK is its people and, of course, iO, a software that improves day by day and has no competition in the market."
Laura De La Hoz
Laura de la HozHead of Customer Success
"The best thing about working in AKTEK is their trust in their employees. Although it's a remote job, the employee is fully trusted to accomplish his job. No micro-management or annoying follow-ups. This trust given to us is pushing me more and more to give all my efforts to be worthy of this trust."
Abir Testimonial
Abir AlkhawandProduct Specialist
I like that the team is international, and even though we are far apart, we are all oriented towards the same goal. As a Software Engineer, I am glad to be working on some challenging tasks, where the focus is to solve problems through team cooperation and moving towards a common vision.
Saad Testimonial
Saad MalaebSoftware Engineer
"The team is very dynamic and always motivates you to do your best. I've learned a lot of new things."
Wassim Testimonial
Wassim Al-SabbaghFull-stack Software Developer
“I learned a lot about different parts of the world, the challenges they face and the solutions that definitely won’t work, and a better idea of those that could work at changing the status quo for the better. Working at AKTEK has exposed me to various contexts, from the Levant to North Africa, the Horn of Africa to South Asia, and Eastern Europe to South America, exploring how information fusion technology can be adapted to different contexts in different ways to deliver positive outcomes.
Elliott Testimonial
Elliott VerreaultCEO

We're Hiring!

Join our global remote team and help us make a difference around the globe. Check all of our open positions below. 

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