Making sense of fragile environments

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Our technology helps decision-makers organize:


what they know,
what their organization knows, and
what the world knows


about their operating context to reduce risk and improve impact.



Our goal is to use appropriate technologies to enhance the ability of organizations to protect their communities.

We achieve this by leveraging more data to perform better analysis, ultimately building stronger partnerships between organizations and communities.



AKTEK strives for a world where information gathering can be done quickly, at scale and in a cost-effective manner. This enables organizations in fragile environments to build a clearer picture of their operating space. AKTEK builds data collection frameworks that can be owned by communities and organizations,  laying the groundwork for long-lasting, secure and effective information handling.


AKTEK believes that understanding problems hinges upon leveraging multiple sources and points of view. We design our tools to help teams process the complexity that comes with synthesising information from a wide range of inputs. This empowers our users with the ability to confront complex issues by breaking them down into smaller more approachable problems that ultimately lead to better decision making.


More frequent updates and tighter feedback loops enhance transparency, accountability and trust across the partnerships that are needed for the creation and maintenance of resilient communities. Equally, timely information rendered actionable through user-centric interfaces can help change agents make better-informed decisions that increase the likelihood of achieving impactful development objectives.


FUSION is AKTEK's centralized delivery engine. FUSION was built with flexibility in mind - employing tailor-made information architecture that can follow any analytical methodology to match the operating context. The end result is a multi-level analytical engine that offers both a digestible overview and the ability to zoom into the details.



FUSION's flexibility allows the engine to integrate modules depending on context. Our modules can be employed as stand-alone services or merged together through FUSION. For example, NETWORK and MEDIA modules can be combined to conduct stakeholder mapping in the online space. The current modules available within FUSION are: MEDIA, NETWORK, OPS and MODEL.



Monitor social and traditional digital outlets in real-time to respond intelligently and swiftly to changes in the media spectrum. Record changes in public perceptions and formal news outlets towards: your organization, your campaigns; your projects and your leadership.



Design stakeholder engagement strategies with constantly updated intelligence. Easily record and consult stakeholder information via a secure mobile application (Android/iOS) that allows analysts and decision-makers to monitor changing interests, motives, support/influence levels, and connections in real-time.



Secure, context-appropriate information management systems for security institutions operating in fragile environments. Easy-to-use mobile app to log incidents on the fly combined with desktop-based situation reports tailored to any security institution. Trend analysis with maps and graphs on a secure analytical dashboard, bringing the field closer to headquarters.



Design a descriptive model for any kind of operating environment. Draw out thematic analytical layers, breaking down analysis into key risk factors populated by weighted indicator metrics. Connect these metrics to qualitative and quantitative data sources, private or public, and automatically normalize them for comparability.




Fighting piracy

Working closely with a Coast Guard in the Horn of Africa, AKTEK designed and deployed a bespoke information management system to facilitate the collection of operation-critical information from the coastline. This information is then communicated in real-time to decision-makers sitting inland. From daily situation reports across units to on-the-fly incident reporting from sea, AKTEK technology is helping to connect actors in the fight against piracy across the region.

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Countering extremism

AKTEK is working across the Middle East with multiple agencies in identifying and countering radicalization across the web. Our partners are using AKTEK tools to monitor and understand public sentiment as well as the impact of targeted campaigns. AKTEK technology is enabling these institutions to monitor extremist propaganda, while identifying key influencers and communication patterns in the online space.

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Protecting borders

AKTEK worked with an armed force in the Levant to strengthen land border operations against security threats. We deployed an information management system that helps decision-makers monitor the readiness of various outposts to combat evolving threats. From automated reporting on operational and environmental changes to establishing critical communications infrastructure, AKTEK technology helps to reinforce security in these fragile border areas.




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