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AKTEK iO data management software updates
Abir AlkhawandFeb 28, 2022 4:47:14 PM2 min read

The Complete List of AKTEK iO Updates in February 2022

Thank you for visiting our February 2022 product updates blog. Take a look at what AKTEK has been up to this month.

Already a customer? Go to our helpdesk and check the step-by-step guide to leverage these new features and updates.


KPI Component

KPI or Key Performance Index is an essential component displaying one interest value to monitor the critical indexes. 

  1. Drag and Drop The KPI  to your dashboard.
  2. Edit the Component to configure the properties.
  3. Add a title (Mandatory) and a sub-title (Optional) to describe the displayed value.
  4. Add a Measure by selecting an aggregation and a data structure/ data field. 
  5. Save.

You can also customize the text color, the background color, and the font size of each element under the Appearance settings. 

Customizable appearance settings on AKTEK iO


Radar chart component 

The Radar chart is a good tool for comparing numerical values for at least three data sets. It is ideal for showing values relative to a center point and is suited for showing exceptions to a trend.

In other terms, it determines which variable in a data is doing better than the rest.

  1. Drag and Drop the Radar Chart to your dashboard.
  2. Edit the chart to configure the properties.
  3. Add a title (Optional).
  4. Add a Dimension. It can be a field from a specific data structure or time series. A different line will represent each unique value of the selected field (or time) on the chart with a different color. 
  5. Add at least three measures. The measures are the data sets you are trying to compare against the selected dimension. 
  6. Save.

Check the helpdesk for a step-by-step application example.

Radar chart on AKTEK iO


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Data structure

Split GPS field

Are you importing your data from another system? In some systems, the GPS field is saved in two different fields; Lat (latitude) and Lng (longitude).

If this is your case, all you need to do is enable the toggle of Split GPS while performing bulk uploading data -no need to change the data structure.

When this toggle is enabled, it will automatically create two columns for the GPS field on the template sheet.

Ensure that the toggle (Split GPS) is enabled while downloading and uploading the filled template. The system will regroup Lat/Lng under the GPS field of your report.

Split GPS on AKTEK iO

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Abir Alkhawand

As a product manager at AKTEK, I aim to improve product features and customer experience continuously. I support our clients with their requests, collect their suggestions, and coordinate with the technical team for the most efficient delivery of these updates.