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Abir AlkhawandApr 26, 2022 6:09:12 PM4 min read

The Complete List of AKTEK iO Updates in April 2022

New month, new features to improve your AKTEK iO experience. If you are already a customer, go to our helpdesk and check our step-by-step guide to leverage all these new features.


TreeMap Chart

Treemapping is a visualization technique used to display hierarchical data using nested rectangles.

We have added TreeMap to the dashboard components. Drag and drop, add the hierarchies under the configuration settings and analyze your hierarchical data.

Check the helpdesk to learn how to build it and how to interact with it.

treemap data graphic on AKTEK iOExample of treemap graphic

Cumulative Sum

We added a new aggregation to the configuration of all charts. The Cumulative Sum will allow you to calculate the cumulation of a value over time.

cumulative data sum graphic on AKTEK iOThe graph is showing the total number of incidents cumulated over time. Notice that at some dates, when there is no new incident, the cumulation plateaus on the same value.

Pie Chart Legend
If you have a Pie Chart on your dashboard, you can download it as an image. You can also download the whole dashboard as a single image or export it as a PDF. In that case, we recommend using this new feature under the “Appearance” settings.

You need to enable the toggle “Show percentage value in the legend”. When enabled, it will add the percentage value next to each label in the legend to allow a better understanding of the data.

Pie chart on AKTEK iOThe distribution of the events in each country is shown in the legend, next to the county name, as a percentage value.

PDF share and public link

Last month, we added the time filter feature to the dashboard, this month, we are enhancing the sharing functionalities of the dashboard to respect this filter.

The PDF and the public link will show the filtered data according to a saved time filter if the time filter is saved under the dashboard settings as a default filter. 

If you prefer to share the complete data, remove the default filter from the settings or duplicate your dashboard and share the one without a filter.

Map info field 

Because we noticed that you have a lot of critical information to show on the map under the info fields, we have improved the popup when clicking on a marker to display the information better. 

The popup size is also responsive to the amount of information you have.

map info popup fieldWhen clicking on the marker, the popup opened in a bigger size to fit all the information, for a more comfortable read.

Company Settings

Default Map view

Why display the whole world map to your analysts if your data is only related to one zone or one country?

Now, you can define the default map view that will apply across the platform. Go to Company settings > iO settings, and find Geo. There, you can enter the coordinates and zoom level manually or by moving the map. Don’t forget to save the settings!

KML layer

You can also upload your KML/KMZ file. It will show by default as a layer on all your maps.

Delete tags

Go to Company settings > Company tags and delete unwanted tags.

If you don’t have permission to delete tags, you won’t see this section. In this case, contact your iO administrator.

company tagsAll created tags are displayed, with a delete icon next to each of them.

Alert before Session expiry

You don’t have to worry about the session validity anymore. The system will warn you 1 minute before the session expires so you can save your work. 

Session expiration alert


Record tag added to Smart filter

Create smart filter rules depending on the value of a tag.

You can also combine multiple rules on many tags.

How to use these tags?

1- In the table view, you can search or filter (smart filter) by tag.

2- Under Admin > Data section, you will find a new sub-section: Tag-Based Access Control.

Like the Conditional Access control, you can define rules to allow or deny specific users from viewing records. However, the limitations will apply to all records across all reports based on the tags shared between these records. 

conditional data access control on AKTEK iORules created under Tag-based access control to allow only one group of users to see the records with the “attack” tag, and everyone else can see all other records (Everything else).

Duplicate a record

If you have a similar set of information and there is a difference only in a few fields, instead of re-entering data in all fields again, just duplicate the record and update the desired field(s) with the Duplicate feature. In the table view of your report, go to the menu of each record and find Duplicate. Pressing it will immediately open a replica of the record where you can edit the desired field and save it as a new record. 

data structure duplication tool on AKTEK iO

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Abir Alkhawand

As a product manager at AKTEK, I aim to improve product features and customer experience continuously. I support our clients with their requests, collect their suggestions, and coordinate with the technical team for the most efficient delivery of these updates.