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Abir AlkhawandSep 27, 2023 6:09:01 PM2 min read

September 2023 AKTEK iO Updates

As summer ends, we're excited to introduce some new features on AKTEK iO. We're committed to making your daily tasks easier and helping you get the most out of your data, and these enhancements are a part of that commitment.

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Smart Filter added to Map layers

We've added a Smart Filter option to our Map layers when choosing a data structure. With this feature, you can quickly narrow down the data you want to display on the map.

This is especially helpful if you have a lot of data but only need to show a specific part. 

To use it, just look for the filter icon next to your chosen data structure and create the filter settings that fit your needs.

Map displays on data tables

Google maps 

In AKTEK iO, we've upgraded our maps to include Google Maps, bringing you all the great features that Google Maps offers.

One noticeable addition is the search button, which lets you enter a precise address with building numbers, street names, and more.

Google Maps integration on AKTEK iO

Font and color selection for dimensions and measures

Within the design settings of your chart, you'll discover options to adjust the font size and colors for dimensions and measures.

Make the changes according to your preferences, and don't forget to save them. Once saved, you'll see these modifications reflected in your chart.

design settings for data charts

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Edit/delete saved filters

Now, you can edit and update an existing filter. Once you’re done with your edits, you can save the changes as a new filter or override an existing one.

You can also delete a saved filter if you no longer need it.

data filters edition on AKTEK iO


We've added new query types for your Research and Intelligence projects, helping you gather relevant information from websites.

New Query: Traffic Geo-distribution Sources

This query will provide you with a list of countries where the visitors of the analyzed domain come from.

This report will reveal the country code from which these visitors originate.

Geodistribution website analysis report

New Query: Traffic Destinations

This query lets you obtain a list of sites users visit after leaving the analyzed domain.


Simply input the domain or list of domains you wish to analyze, and the system will provide information about which websites the user went after.

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Abir Alkhawand

As a product manager at AKTEK, I aim to improve product features and customer experience continuously. I support our clients with their requests, collect their suggestions, and coordinate with the technical team for the most efficient delivery of these updates.