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Visualization of Data Information
Carolina LópezApr 1, 2024 7:56:22 PM1 min read

March 2024 AKTEK iO Updates

We're excited to share the latest enhancements and features that will improve how you manage your data. Let's dive into the March updates:


Substring Search on Reference Fields 

We understand the importance of efficient search processes, especially when dealing with large datasets. That's why we've improved the search functionality on reference fields.

You can now enable a toggle under the settings of the reference field, allowing you to perform substring searches on data entries within large tables.

This means you can find relevant data entries based on the text entered in the search bar without any limitations on records.

However, please note that this new toggle may impact speed when used for extensive datasets.

substring data search on AKTEK iO


For those working with shapefiles and geo areas, we've introduced a time-saving feature on the Explorer page - the Geo-Repository.

Here, you can conveniently save your frequently used geo areas on your maps for easy access and utilization.

Say goodbye to repetitive setups and hello to enhanced efficiency in managing your geographic data.

Geo data repositories on AKTEK iO

geo shapefiles and maps repository on AKTEK iO


KML file in geo repository on AKTEK iO


Tag-Based Access Control

Limit User Access to Specific Tags

Security and access control are essential in data management. We've enhanced our Tag-Based Access Control feature to provide even greater control over user access.

Now, when you're restricting access to data tables, you can enable the new "Restrict Tags Visibility" toggle.

This feature not only limits access to data but also restricts the visualization of tags on tag dropdowns for restricted users, ensuring tighter control over sensitive information.


data access control based on tags on AKTEK iO

Online Traffic Analysis

Introducing our latest OTA feature: iQ News

With iQ News, you can now access news results based on a keyword list directly within iO. This feature also offers the flexibility to limit your news search by country, ensuring you receive the most relevant and localized information for your needs.News and media intelligence integration on AKTEK iO

Please contact the customer success team if you want to try it!

These March updates are designed to empower you with greater flexibility, control, and efficiency in your data endeavors. We're committed to continuously evolving our platform to meet your evolving needs.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates in the months to come!

Take advantage of the opportunity to explore these features in depth. If you're an existing customer, simply log in to your helpdesk account, and if you're new to AKTEK iO, request a demo today.

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Carolina López

As a CSR at AKTEK, I focus on enhancing customer satisfaction through continuous improvement. I actively address and assist customers with their inquiries, gather valuable feedback, and collaborate seamlessly with the technical team to ensure the efficient implementation of updates and enhancements. I aim to provide top-notch support, incorporating customer suggestions to elevate their overall experience with our services.