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Carolina LópezMar 1, 2024 2:59:19 PM4 min read

February 2024 AKTEK iO Updates

We're thrilled to kickstart this month by revisiting some of the remarkable features that made waves in the previous year. In this special edition, we've meticulously curated a collection of our top releases from last year to remind you of the powerful tools and enhancements at your disposal.

But that's not all –, we're excited to share a glimpse of the future. Our dedicated tech team has been burning the midnight oil, crafting new developments that promise to elevate your journey with us.

While these innovations require a tad more time in the oven, we assure you that the wait will be well worth it. We're on the cusp of some major announcements that will redefine your interaction with our platform.

Join us in this edition as we celebrate the tried and true while eagerly anticipating the unveiling of what's on the horizon.
Here are our 2023 champs!

Data structure

Conditional Fields

This intelligent mechanism enhances user experience and ensures a more personalized and streamlined data entry process.

When users fill in the relevant information in earlier fields, the system intelligently determines whether to hide or reveal specific subsequent fields, adapting the interface in real time.

The dynamic field visibility feature contributes to a more intuitive and user-centric data management experience, optimizing workflow efficiency and reducing cognitive load.

conditional data fields on AKTEK iO

Move fields between sections

By selecting the "Move to" icon positioned alongside the field name, users can seamlessly transfer the field to a desired section.

This functionality simplifies data organization, allowing users to structure and categorize information within their workspace intuitively. 

data organization on AKTEK iO


Ability to restore deleted fields

Accidentally deleting a field is a common challenge in data management, but our system's Advanced Actions under the Admin panel offer a robust solution.

Users can effortlessly recover deleted fields and their associated data with the right permissions.

This comprehensive approach ensures data integrity and user accountability, making data management more secure and user-friendly.

deleted data fields restoration on AKTEK iO

Bulk edit data from matrix view

This feature empowers users to conveniently edit any field within any record through the matrix interface, providing a dynamic and efficient editing experience.

The matrix view's user interface is designed for simplicity, allowing for quick and intuitive modifications.

Whether adjusting individual cells or making bulk changes, this functionality streamlines the editing process.

bulk data edit on AKTEK iO

Bulk edit filtered data

Users can apply intelligent filters to their table, refining the dataset based on specific criteria.

Upon applying the filter, clicking the matrix icon opens a dynamic matrix view tailored to the filtered records.

This feature ensures a targeted and streamlined editing experience, providing a comprehensive solution for users dealing with large datasets and complex data management scenarios.

bulk edit for filtered data on AKTEK iO


KPI enhancements

These enhancements include a visual representation of KPI performance, with dynamic color coding reflecting the significance of results.

Also, users can tailor KPI displays to align with their preferences and business priorities, ensuring a personalized and insightful monitoring experience.

These enhancements not only elevate the visual appeal of KPI dashboards but also empower users with a deeper understanding of their data, fostering more informed decision-making processes.

data KPI displays on AKTEK iO

Heatmap layer

Users can effortlessly visualize spatial data patterns, providing a powerful analytical tool within the broader context of map customization.

The simplified configuration approach contributes to the accessibility and efficiency of Heatmap utilization, making it a valuable asset for data analysis and interpretation.

heatmap layers on AKTEK iO

Customizations of the X and Y axes

Customizable legends and the introduction of a compact mode collectively contribute to a more user-centric and efficient visualization experience.

Users can now craft visually stunning and highly readable visualizations that cater to their specific preferences and analytical needs.

Personalize the legends' font size and font color, allowing you to create visually appealing and tailored visualizations.

Additionally, the compact mode displays numbers in condensed formats like 1K for 1000 and 1M for 1000000, enhancing readability and data comprehension.

customizable data chart legends on AKTEK iO

 Compact mode for data chart legends

Generate multiple public links with different filters

This functionality proves especially valuable for multi-level dashboards where varied stakeholders require targeted and relevant insights.

This approach not only enhances the accessibility of dashboards but also promotes a more efficient and personalized experience for users at different organizational levels.

 public share links for data dashboards on AKTEK iO

Chart title and legend placement

These customization options enhance charts' overall aesthetics and readability, catering to individual preferences and specific communication contexts.

With the power to personalize chart titles and legends, users can effectively convey insights and make a stronger impact with their data visualizations.

data charts legend placement on AKTEK iO

Check all the information related to overlapping pins

When users interact with a cluster or multiple markers, the information popup now seamlessly aggregates and presents all relevant data in a clear and organized format.

This improvement enhances the user experience in understanding complex spatial data and provides a more efficient and user-friendly way to analyze information for multiple locations on maps.

spatial data on AKTEK iO maps


Children Networks

Child Networks are presented in a tabbed interface, offering a clear and intuitive way for users to switch between different sections of their data effortlessly.

This promotes a streamlined workflow and efficient navigation.

children data network analysis on AKTEK iO

Search nodes

Efficiently navigate and interact with your Network’s data, particularly in scenarios involving extensive datasets.

This improvement contributes to a more intuitive and user-friendly experience, facilitating seamless exploration and management of complex datasets.

search data nodes on data network analysis

Add link descriptions directly from a selected report

Our system introduces an intuitive feature to streamline the process of selecting a report and field containing Network descriptions.

Users can now navigate, choose the desired report, and effortlessly pinpoint the specific field containing Network descriptions.

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Stay tuned for the upcoming revelations, and thank you for being a cherished part of our journey.

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