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Carolina LópezJan 31, 2024 3:01:24 PM1 min read

January 2024 AKTEK iO Updates

Greetings, dear readers! As we enter the year's first month, we are thrilled to share the latest happenings and updates. Join us on this journey as we delve into the exciting updates that have shaped our start to 2024.


View unique visitors to your dashboard public link

You're probably familiar with the recently introduced Visitors option on the public link. Now, you can view the total count of unique visitors. This enhancement empowers you to monitor and analyze the behavior of your public link more effectively. Stay informed and gain valuable insights into your dashboards!

data dashboard public links on AKTEK iO


Direct dashboard links in the data table

You'll find a new tab in the pop-up if you generate automatic dashboards from a data table.

This tab provides essential details, including the generated dashboard's name, source, a direct link to the dashboard, the user who created it, and the creation date.

Accessing your dashboards has never been more seamless – dive into insights effortlessly!

Report data dashboards on AKTEK iO

Data table

Easily view your data table images in full size with just one click

Notice the new addition to your table view? An intuitive view button now accompanies your images, allowing you to expand them seamlessly without opening the entire record.

Effortlessly enhance your user experience and get a closer look at images with just a click!

data table images view on AKTEK iO

data table images full size view on AKTEK iO


Customize the size and colors of your field’s name and value

Exciting news for Network customization! Discover two new options in your Network settings, 
empowering you to define the size and color of field names and values showcased in your info boxes.

Personalize your visualizations to match your preferences and emphasize key information with ease.
customization of data network visualizations data network visualization settings on AKTEK iO
Take advantage of the opportunity to explore these features in-depth.

If you're an existing customer, simply log in to your helpdesk account, and if you're new to AKTEK iO, request a demo today. 

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Carolina López

As a CSR at AKTEK, I focus on enhancing customer satisfaction through continuous improvement. I actively address and assist customers with their inquiries, gather valuable feedback, and collaborate seamlessly with the technical team to ensure the efficient implementation of updates and enhancements. I aim to provide top-notch support, incorporating customer suggestions to elevate their overall experience with our services.