We stay hopeful

Everywhere around us, we see opportunities to help and do good for the world. We help partners look for the root causes of problems and work with partners to find creative ways to address them, using data and facts. We focus on the positive, strive to maximize impact, and never lose hope.

We are data-driven

We listen to any argument provided it is backed by evidence, and strive to constantly learn and experiment. We seek to scale what works and quickly rethink what does not.

Together, we go far

We are a humble group of passionate technology people, determined to scale the positive work of those working on the frontline of the greatest challenges of our time. We use our knowledge, tools and experience to support them, ensuring that everyone can participate in our processes and shine in a respectful and professional environment.

We build for scale

We despise waste and try not to reinvent the wheel. In everything we do, we design for flexibility and scale, so our tools can apply to more contexts and achieve greater impact at decreasing cost.


Cyber security runs deep in our DNA. We make sure to build in multiple layers of security into our products to protect your data from prying eyes, and respect and protect privacy at all times.