The Mining & Metals sector is critical for the economy of many fragile countries, and carries a series of challenges linked to its operations. Under pressure from societal concerns and changing government regulations, managing shared value for everyone and protecting one’s social license to operate can be a challenge. Information fusion can help paint a holistic and real-time picture of the evolving context to ensure that every opportunity is maximized and every risk is mitigated for, while at the same time keeping a pulse on operational hazards that can affect both revenue and reputation.

Since 2018, clients in the mining sector have used FUSION™ to reduce risk to their staff, assets and reputation in some of the world’s most challenging contexts.


Understand stakeholder RELATIONSHIPS to reduce riskS.

FUSION™ serves as a platform to manage stakeholder relations, understand community needs and design strategic communications and programming accordingly.


Identify, analyze and mitigate operational risk.

Monitor formal and informal media to identify key concerns and potential points of contention with local communities. Cross that data with external political risk sources to anticipate operational risk along the supply chain.


Accelerate compliance across departments.

Standardize reporting from the field to ensure high-quality, comparable data across mining sites and touch points on the supply chain. Easily visualize current status across the network to identify issues early and respond intelligently.


Monitor assets and operations with remote sensing.

Leverage remote sensing data and Data Science to automatically monitor assets and operations, from field cameras or ground sensors to satellite imagery.


Prioritize your investments INTELLIGENTLY.

Keep track of your projects and investments and identify environmental, social and economic issues that could affect your operations early to adjust strategy and CSR programming proactively.


EASILY share performance records with stakeholders.

Create analytical dashboards, download data and create reports that you can share with stakeholders, shareholders and partners to showcase progress.