Infrastructure companies need easy and collaborative ways to perform due diligence prior to making long-term investments. They also need to mitigate risks during construction and, once operational, keep a close eye on internal and external stakeholders to facilitate shared value creation and ensure the long-term sustainability of their project. Information fusion can play a critical role in ensuring that all strategic and operational decisions are based on a holistic, real-time analysis of the socioeconomic and political context.

Since 2019, our software FUSION™ is helping some of the largest infrastructure companies operating in fragile environments manage and protect their investments.



Infrastructure projects are long-term investments that require careful study prior to committing resources. FUSION™ can helps paint the full picture, merging data from primary, secondary and open sources to enhance visibility of all facets of the investment decision.


mitigate operational risk.

Monitor formal and informal media to identify key concerns and potential and active points of contention with local communities. Cross that data with other external political risk sources to anticipate risk for infrastructure projects.


leverage remote sensing.

Leverage remote sensing to automatically monitor assets and operations around them, from field cameras or road-side sensors to satellite imagery.


Understand stakeholder relationships to reduce risks.

FUSION™ serves as a platform to manage stakeholder relations, which allows you to understand the relationships with the community and design strategic communications and programming accordingly to ensure project success.


gain ShAred geospatial awareness across the company.

Ensure that all staff operate from the same evidence-based frame of reference, adjusted to the needs of the specific departments.


FACILITATE REPORTING to all stakeholders.

Create analytical dashboards, download data and create reports that you can share with stakeholders, investors and partners to showcase progress and compliance.