Can FUSION adapt to my needs?

FUSION is built with flexibility in mind, so that it can adapt to the reality and needs of any sector and any client. Whether you are a governmental organization looking to protect your borders, a strategic communications agency wanting to counter radicalization, or a company trying to protect your assets, staff and community stakeholders - you can build the right information management system on top of FUSION, faster and more cost-efficiently than you will with any other software provider.

Do we need any special software to use FUSION?

No, FUSION is web-based. This means that it can be used from any device with a web browser.

What browser should I use to access FUSION?

FUSION is optimized for Google Chrome; however you can also use Firefox, Safari and/or Microsoft Edge.

We work in remote locations, OFTENTIMEs WITH LIMITED internet connectiVITY. How does FUSION work over a bad internet connection?

FUSION requires an internet connection, like any web-based platform. However, with the FUSION Companion app (Android/iOS) you can enter data into FUSION without an internet connection. This information will be stored locally on your phone and transmitted to the platform once you connect to WiFi or GSM internet.

Our staff doesn’t speak English - what other languages do you have available?

FUSION is also available in Spanish, Arabic, Russian and Somali. We have support for any language and will be happy to add further languages upon request.

What if we want to integrate OUR DATA OR OUR EXISTING SYSTEMS with FUSION?

We can import data from almost any external app into FUSION, be it dynamically (using APIs) or in static form (e.g. CSV file imports). You can also download data from FUSION, be it the entire database or specific data points to import them into any other software.


Yes, many of our clients own ArcGIS and build dynamic connections to their FUSION system via WMS services.

Is FUSION secure?

Yes. Privacy and security run in our DNA. For years we have been working with governments and international organizations working in some of the most challenging contexts in the world. We implement best-in-class practices to ensure that the data of our clients is secure and fully confidential.

Data access is governed by multiple system layers (authentication and permission), adding more verification steps between the user requests and the data for enhanced security. All access credentials are safely stored and encrypted. Permissions are defined by the client, and only administrators are allowed to create and offer permissions to other users. We do not access any client data unless required by contract, and only with explicit client consent. For any further questions, feel free to email us at

Can I give different people different levels of access to our FUSION account?

Yes. FUSION’s permission framework was built with flexibility and granularity in mind. This means that you can give access to different people for different aspects of your FUSION system, both for administration (user creation, permission modification, etc.) and use (read, create, edit or delete data). Every field on your FUSION system has usage micro permissions, which means that users will only see and be able to engage with the things that are relevant to their work and access level.


FUSION is built on a micro service architecture, with the software mainly written on a MERN stack. Using MongoDB for database management, FUSION is built on ExpressJS, leveraging ReactJS for frontend interactions, and NodeJS for server-side computations. We also make use of Python for data science applications (e.g. network layout algorithms). The FUSION Companion app on mobile is built native for both Android and iOS platforms.

Where is FUSION PHYSICALLY hosted?

We use servers provided by DigitalOcean, physically located in Frankfurt, Germany. All our servers are ISO 27001 certified, and the installations are PCI-DSS certified. They use a multiple-level security infrastructure with biometric locks and RFID for maximum physical security.


Yes, the costs are inherently higher given the complications it adds for software upgrades and remote support but we have done it in the past and will continue to do so for clients that request it. 


Should you wish not to renew your FUSION license at any point, your data will be returned to you in common formats (JSON or CSV) for easy integration into other software systems, ensuring the long-term viability of your investment in FUSION. Once returned to you, your data on FUSION servers will be permanently deleted with deletion logs available upon request.

I have a suggestion for a feature that would make FUSION better.

Brilliant, we’d love to hear about it! Send us an email at