Driving Informed Governmental Communications to Fight Extremism

MIDDLE EAST, 2016-now


Terrorist organizations like Da’esh often spread narratives on the ineffectiveness of the governments in the countries where they operate, discrediting them as reliable sources of information and even public service delivery. Popular trust in governments is therefore paramount to the stabilization of countries with a presence of terrorist groups, current or historical.

Our clients were helping a government in the Middle East to communicate effectively the progress it had made in the country over the years. While the government had plenty of data, it did not have enough content to inform its citizens about the topics that they cared about - which are commonly hard to find online for the average citizen. Our clients developed campaigns to improve citizens’ perceptions of the government, and to counter extremist messaging.

However, to develop properly-tailored campaigns that will reach the audiences and have an impact in them, our clients needed to know what the average citizen was concerned about.


Through our media monitoring engine MEDIA, our client built monitors to analyze public perceptions online, and see how these perceptions change over time on key topics of interest. Ultimately this enables them to continuously develop better-informed programs by knowing beforehand what people care about and are already discussing online.

Through MEDIA, they can also interact directly with different influencers by connecting the social profiles they are handling to the platform, and engaging directly from within the platform.

The monitors also allow them to measure campaign success, by developing baselines for the flow of conversations before and after the campaigns, looking into volume of data, keywords, influencers, and more. They can also build benchmark analyses to measure their campaign success against other campaigns, and to better stand out from the crowd with their own narratives.