Approaching the Right Influencers to Drive Political Change


Eastern European countries have been through a lot of change over the past years. Many have undergone a process of heavy political reforms in terms of human rights, environmental sustainability and anti-corruption policies.

In these countries, there are NGOs focused on increasing the impact of these reforms. To do so, they are running different campaigns and actions. In order to measure the impact that they were having, and to amplify their reach, our clients needed to find out:

  • the terms people were using to discuss the reform topics on social media,

  • the most influential voices discussing them, and

  • how perceptions changed over the course of their different campaigns.


We designed a data extraction mechanism that included keywords relevant to the different reform topics to detect the language that people were using to discuss them, and most importantly the key influencers on each of the topics.

With FUSION™, we produced interactive dashboards with visualizations of all data, including live network maps that allow for easy review and presentation of key areas, keywords and actors. We also provided our client with quantitative and qualitative analysis, as well as recommendations for them and their partners to better engage online influencers in the discussion around the process of reforms.